Since 2002, twenty-six economics majors have presented papers at the Issues in Political Economy (IPE) undergraduate research sessions hosted by the Eastern Economics Association. The IPE sessions attract students from all over the country and from institutions including the likes of MIT, Smith College, Colby College, and the College of Wooster, to name a few.

Professor Stephen DeLoach, co-head of IPE for the last 15 years, recently sent a letter commenting on MSU Moorhead Economics students’ research presentations at the IPE sessions. DeLoach writes, “I have personally observed the quality and professionalism of (MSU Moorhead) students and can testify to the impressive work they continue to do.”

DeLoach continues, “Minnesota State (University Moorhead) students are always among the most well prepared of the students to attend our conference. Moreover, the quality of their research is consistently high.”

To conclude, DeLoach said, “Since 2002, when they started coming, 548 different students have participated in the conference, from 60 different colleges and universities. While most of these students hail from more prestigious schools with arguably better academic credentials, the students from Minnesota State (University Moorhead) are routinely among the best at the conference. This is a strong testament to the dedication and hard work of its faculty.”