A combination of rain and snow is expected this weekend, which could raise flood chances in the Red River Valley. However, due to MSUM’s elevation, the university would not need extensive protection efforts unless the river reaches 42 feet.

On-campus planning efforts have been initiated including reviewing flood response plans, infrastructure protection needs, previous volunteer organizational efforts, and ensuring the ability of the faculty and students to complete the term using alternate means.

Moorhead officials say the city is well prepared for this spring’s river crest. The City has 400,000 filled sandbags in storage, which addresses the projected sandbag need even at a 41-foot river crest. As of March 21, there was a five to ten percent chance the river will reach 41 feet. Across the Red River in Fargo, sandbag central, a sandbag-making operation, is now open.

The National Weather Service will monitor the rivers and issue flood updates as necessary. Visit mnstate.edu/flood for updates and more information.