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Low enrollment courses may be cancelled after April 21
If you want to take that brewing class you heard about, or learn how to do sign language, or learn the science of a fantastic pineapple-mango salsa in a biochemistry/biotechnology class, sign up before April 21 or these and other classes may be cancelled.

A variety of interesting classes are being offered this summer, including the Science of Cooking, Studying War Through Film, JFK and Nixon, Personal Finance, Personal Documentary and many more.

Register now at the Summer Session website.

Some of this year’s summer classes that might be of interest.

American Sign Language and Deaf Culture (SLHS 301)
This introduction to the Deaf culture and American Sign Language includes issues of nonverbal communication through pantomime and body movement
Biology of Brewing (BIOL 190)
Learn about the history of brewing, understand the role of various components (e.g., yeast and barley), and brew some beer.
Science of Cooking (BCBT 100)
Use principles of biochemistry with some chemistry and biology to analyze food and investigate how cooking works.
Studying War Through Film (POL 390)
Discover ways in which film brings to life archaic technology and tactics, acts as a lens through which to view both the events themselves and the times in which a film is made, convey political agendas and interact with other media to shape perceptions of conflict.
JFK and Nixon (POL 420)
Study the careers of these two iconic Presidents in an attempt to separate myth from fact.
Scriptwriting (ENGL 285)
Learn about writing scripts for the stage and the screen in this introductory workshop. Students will write a short play and a mini-screenplay of 15-20 pages. Scripts will be work-shopped in class.
Topics in Film: Personal Documentary (FILM 390)
Kodaly Method for Training Teachers (MUS 634, 635, 636)
These courses include pedagogy for kindergarten through Grade 6. Folksongs are collected and analyzed for inherent musical concepts to be used within a sequenced curriculum for those grades.
Theatre Appreciation (THTR 120)
Critical analysis of great plays and live theatre performances focus on the basics of dramatic theory, an appreciation of theatrical styles, and a deeper understanding of dramatic themes.
Personal Finance (FINC 141, 142, 143)
Three classes offered put order to your financial future. One class focuses on the basic of finance. Another class keys in on credit and the cost of owning assets and insurance options. The last class addresses investments.

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