This year’s Red River Undergraduate Psychology Conference was hosted by Concordia College on April 1. A number of faculty members and students from the psychology department attended the conference.  The following students presented projects:

Jennifer R. Wenner, Allyson Schaan, & Natalie Avey: “Social Rererencing During
Inauthentic Emotional Situations.”
Casey Lloyd & Ethan Dahl: “Music’s Effect on Helping Behavior in Second Life.”
Cari Jehlik: “Using Cognitive Dissonance and Priming of Past Forgiving Behavior
to Influence Predictions of Future Forgiving Behavior.”
Allison Becker, Himani Khatri, Tiffany Bouwman, Kassondra Henschel (with Dr.
Gary Nickell): “Does Vertical Position Influence the Optimistic Bias?”
Jennifer Livingood, Megan Week, Jacquelyn Schmidt (with Dr. Elizabeth Nawrot):
“Media’s Influence on Body Image: An Eye Tracking Study.”