Today’s post is about squirrels.

Wait…what…squirrels you say?

Yes, that’s right. Squirrels.

These little guys

Squirrels are a unique part of the atmosphere at MSUM and we love our furry little friends. Ask anyone on campus about the squirrels and they’ll reply with a little smirk and “Oh yes, the squirrels.”

So what makes these little critters so special to us? Well they’re furry, friendly, and fat.

In January, MSUM celebrated National Squirrel Day by asking students to tweet about their favorite memories with our campus squirrels. Almost all of them involved the squirrels and food:


I sometimes wonder if people intentionally leave food out to share with the squirrels. When I asked a friend if she had anything to say about the squirrels she told me that once she saw a squirrel running across campus with an entire banana in its mouth.

I’m pretty sure the squirrels think they run this campus and make the rules around here. They do as they please and they really could care less that there are students around.

The students certainly care though. We love our campus squirrels so much that an Instagram page was created dedicated to the shenanigans of the squirrels. Take a look at @squirrelsofmsum to see what they have been up to.

The furry little guys provide a lot of entertainment for students and we are happy that the squirrels are such a well known part of campus life.

It’s a great day to be a Dragon (and an MSUM squirrel)!