Last week MSUM hosted the Discovery Science Camp, a residential and day camp for middle school students. Forty students participated in hands-on learning about crime scene science, time-lapse photography, river and pond ecology, and robotics. This STEM camp has been funded by the Center for College Readiness at MSCTC, providing numerous scholarships for underrepresented students and subsidizing the costs for full-paying students.

Residential students stayed in the dorms, ate in Kise and participated in various activities around campus – in effect having a mini-college experience. The camp, in its fourth year of operation, is run by faculty, staff and MSUM undergraduates – providing rich experiences for STEM majors, as well as education majors.

MSUM individuals participating in the camp: Anita Bender, Women’s Center; Rebecca Andres, Andrew Marry, Patricia Wisenden and Alison Wallace, Biosciences Dept.; Shawn Garrett, Chemistry Dept.; Steve Lindaas, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy; Tony Bormann, Regional Science Center.
MSUM students:
Cassandra Anderson, Austin Branch, Jennifer Dobis, Staci Dryer, Benjamin Forsythe, Evangeline Holley, Ryan Huber, Kaleb Kosak, Sarah Peper, Nehemiah Thurston, Rose Zawislak, Patrick Zimmerman.

In addition, there were three area high school students assisting in workshops this year. To learn more about the Discovery Science Camp visit our website.