Federal regulations require schools administering financial aid programs to monitor last date of attendance for students receiving financial aid.

Students whose spring grades were all F’s, W’s, I’s, FN’s, IP’s or NC’s receive a letter instructing them to document the last date of activity in each of their spring courses. Documentation must indicate the last day the student attended class, took a test or completed an assignment for the class. Based on the student’s documentation, we may need to recalculate their financial aid eligibility and, in some cases, require a student to repay a portion or all of the funds received spring semester.

Students may contact you and request that you sign a form or provide a written statement confirming course activity.  You may also email Carol Thede, thede@mnstate.edu, with this information. The deadline for students to submit the information is June 5, 2012.

The intent of this regulation is not to be punitive but to ensure funds are paid to students for education expenses while actively enrolled in casework.  Your cooperation in providing the requested information to students is appreciated and ensures a timely response for MSUM compliance.

Please contact the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid if you have any questions 477.2251.