They grew up in nearby towns on the Iron Range, attended MSUM at the same time, and have lived within 10 miles of each other in Los Angeles for nearly 30 years. But they didn’t meet until they attended a Dragon Alumni reunion in June 2011. Since then, they have collaborated on one book project and expect to work together on at least one more.

Leni Ramberg (1973, Speech-Theatre and English) has been a writer for years, authoring plays, screenplays and short stories. “I thought it would be fun to write a mystery book, or series of books, aimed at middle-grade readers, ages 10-12,” she said.

She completed a final draft of Girlfriend Detectives: The Missing Photo Mystery, last year, but the manuscript needed an editor and proofreader. Leni remembered meeting Pamela Troumbly (1971, Elementary Education) at an alumni reunion at a restaurant in Los Angeles last summer. “Pamela and I sat near each other and we talked for some time that evening. She struck me as energetic, smart and someone who would be a stickler for good grammar, spelling and also a careful reader.”

Months after the reunion, Leni called Pamela, and the partnership began. Together, the MSUM alums worked on the manuscript page by page. “She was meticulous and clear,” Leni recalls.

Retired from a 30-year career working in law libraries in downtown Los Angeles, Pamela developed editing and proofreading skills as a subject editor for “A/V A-Z,” an entertainment encyclopedic dictionary authored by Richard Kroonan and published in 2010. She’s retired now, but edits and maintains a website for a chiropractic association, and works with Leni.

Girlfriend Detectives is now available for sale and download for the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and other e-reading devices.  A second Girlfriend Detectives book is in the works. “I plan to have it ready for Pamela’s editing skills by the end of the year,” Leni says. Pamela is currently editing A Clown Dog’s Christmas, a book Leni wrote for children. She hopes to have it ready for sale on e-readers by Thanksgiving.