With summer semester here, Travis Dolence is offering assistance with distance education classes. As the Distance Learning Librarian, Dolence is dedicated to helping you and your students locate quality research materials and assistance.

  • Creating online course-specific “pathfinders” or help sheets for Library resources. These online help sheets can be tailored for any class and can included web resources, library databases, books, etc. (see examples at http://libguides.mnstate.edu/)
  • Acting as library liaison for distance learning students. Many students appreciate having a \”point-person\” to help them with questions and direct them to assistance.
  • Collaborating in course management software (e.g., Moodle or D2L). For example, I am happy to be added to the class as an instructor, so that I can directly assist students with research questions via message boards, chats, etc.
  • Providing library/information literacy instruction. There are several models that I can use to provide instruction to distance learners:
    1. I can create an online learning object (tutorial, podcast, video) to assist students with their research (see the online tutorial used for CMST100 here.)
    2. I can meet online with students, individually or as a class, to help them learn how to use databases, evaluate resources, etc. The Livingston Lord Library has web conferencing software that allows me to share my computer\’s desktop with students while talking to them via phone or internet, making this process easier than ever.
    3. For faculty using ITV, I can come to your classroom and make a presentation.

Your students my find the links on this page to be useful.

If you need assistance, contact Travis Dolence at 218.477.2358 or travis.dolence@mnstate.edu.