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Tri-College University vaccinology program awards scholarships

Posted on April 03, 2012

Erin Geissler

Gabe Sauvageau

The Tri-College University vaccinology program has awarded the first ever vaccinology scholarships to eight students who enrolled in the newly established program. This past fall 2011, Tri-College University partners Concordia College,

Nicholas Kohles

Alane Korf

Minnesota State University Moorhead and North Dakota State University, in collaboration with the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation and Sanford Health, launched a first-in-the-nation undergraduate academic minor in vaccinology.

The following MSUM students were selected as worthy recipients who show promise in contributing to the field of vaccine research, production, or in the biological and medical industries:

Erin Geissler, a senior from Fargo, N.D., will graduate with a degree in Biology with an emphasis in Health and Medical Services, and minors in Chemistry, Psychology and Vaccinology.

Nicholas Kohles, a senior, is from Aberdeen, S.D., and will graduate with degrees in Biochemistry, and Biotechnology with emphasis in cellular and molecular sciences. His minors are Vaccinology, Health and Medical Technologies, and Chemistry.

Alane Korf, a senior from Frazee, Minn., will receive a degree in Biology with minors in Vaccinology and Chemistry.

Gabriel Sauvageau, a senior from Fargo, N.D., will receive a degree in Biology with an emphasis in Health and Medical Sciences, with minors in Vaccinology, Chemistry and Psychology.

This program and the scholarships are made possible by many important contributors, including: Sanford Medical Center Fargo, Forum Communications, Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, US Bank, Xcel Energy Corporation and the Tri-College University collaborative grant program.

The MSUM vaccinolgy program coordinator is Dr. Michelle Malott, Dean of the College of Social & Natural Sciences Department.

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