Mass communications students gained practical experience by publishing this year’s “Student Academic Conference Preview Guide.”

Due to budget restrictions, Student Academic Conference organizers and two mass communications professors turned this year’s guide into a service-learning project. A copy editing class, desktop publishing class and an apprentice honors scholar teamed up to create the SAC “Preview Guide.” The Student Academic Conference will be held Tuesday, April 17 at the Comstock Memorial Union.

Mass communications professor Deneen Gilmour’s copy-editing students interviewed presenters, wrote stories, captured and collected photos. By illustrating conference projects, student editors provided a quick synopsis of the presentations. Then the MC 309/Copy Editing students edited all content.

Adjunct professor Jamie Farmen’s desktop publishing class completed the layout and design. Farmen’s students applied their knowledge of design principles to the SAC guide.

Apprentice honors scholar, Brittany Dunnigan, acted as the student editor for the publication. Dunnigan organized and oversaw the completion of the SAC guide with Gilmour’s guidance.

Student Academic Conference website.