1:30-2:50 p.m., Wednesday, March 7 – CMU 203

Colleges and universities play an integral role in providing opportunities for dialogue and critical thinking around sometimes controversial topics. However, there tends to be a hesitation to have too public of a dialogue around these topics out of fear of creating conflict or upsetting the “Minnesota nice” conversation culture. MSU Moorhead has had a history of barrier-breaking policy initiatives, world-class faculty and research, thought provoking curriculum and inviting dynamic speakers to enhance our campus community dialogue. Controversial Conversations is an opportunity for on-going, respectful dialogue around issues that impact students, employees and our communities.

Our first topic is “Where Do We Start? Developing a Campus Culture of Respect and Civility for Controversial Conversations to Occur.” The discussion will focus on identifying the ground rules that should be implemented in order to allow for respectful and civil public dialogue.  Attendees will share what they consider to be opportunities and barriers for such dialogue to occur as part of our campus community. Students, faculty, staff and administrators are invited and encouraged to participate in this exciting new program.

Joshua A. Boschee, Assistant Director of Leadership and Organization, and Dr. Lonni Schicker, faculty in the School or Nursing and Healthcare Leadership, will facilitate the group discussion.