Seven MSUM Counseling & Student Affairs Graduate students — Gabriel Hertler, Malarie Deslauriers, Elizabeth Blosser Overby, Jenny Whipple, Brittany Lothspeich, Jamie Anderson and Anne Rolfstad — attended the North Dakota Counseling Association Conference Feb. 5– 7 in Bismarck, North Dakota. 

This year’s state conference theme was, “Aspire to Inspire with Wisdom, Vision, Innovation, Action and Results.”  Three presentations were given by students and their advisor Lisa Karch:  Looking into the Future K-12, presented by Jenny Whipple and Brittany Lothspeich (Sarah Dronen contributed to the presentation materials); Got Hope? Give Hope?, presented by Elizabeth Overby Blosser, and Creative Strategies in Working with Children/Adolescents, by Lisa Karch.