Sara Heimdahl Fidler, psychology alum, presented a poster at the Minnesota School Psychology Association MidWinter Conference on Feb 2 and 3.

The poster, “Going on a Bear Hunt: Enhancing Vocabulary Development in Preschool using Repeated Read-Alouds”, was based on data collected for Sara’s Master’s thesis and follow up data collected by Tara Hanson, psychology student intern, with Dr. Lisa Stewart as advisor. 

19 School psychology graduate students: Tiffany Richards, Amanda Schmaltz, Kishan Singh, Mike Porter, Kelli McGovern, Tom Borowicz, Tiffany Bouwman, Breanne Anderson, Britney Bachmeier, David Gano, Loren Houle, Danielle Jones, Sara Raue, Daidre Vaala, and Jacqueline Schliinz, Jessica Remhoff, Julie Przekwas, Karla Skwira and Dan Bultsma, along with faculty Drs. Margaret Potter, Olivia Melroe & Lisa Stewart, also attended the two day conference. The conference theme was “Promoting Resilience: Identifying and Advocating for the Needs of Our At-Risk Youth.”