A collection of works by guitar instructor Nick Fryer for college jazz musicians is now available through Amazon.com, Muse-Eek.com and NickFryerMusic.com. Modern Jazz Guitar Ensemble Vol.1, published by Muse-Eek Publishing in New York, is a collection of four original compositions for five guitars, bass and drums. Fryer’s arrangements range in style and create a contemporary new sound for the jazz guitar ensemble. Nationally known jazz educators have praised the book.

“Nick Fryer has assembled a fine collection of modern jazz guitar ensemble charts for college-level guitarists,” wrote Pete McCann, professor of guitar at New York’s New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and City University of New York. “The pieces are well written and offer a wide range of different styles and musical textures.”

Steve Cardenas, another professor of guitar at the New School, wrote, “Nick has assembled a thoughtful and creative book of arrangements for guitar ensemble. There is a range of styles covered, which adds to the depth of this book.”