Chemistry, biosciences and biotechnology majors Danielle Rastedt, Andrea Slusser, Craig Kutz, Tony Nguyen, Jenny Canine and Kristina Anderson co-author a new paper with professors Provost and Wallert in Cellular Oncology, a highly ranked cancer research journal.

Their work found an important new relationship between a hormone found at high levels in lung cancer patients and the control of acid levels in and around cells. The students work was supported by an NIH grant to better understand how proteins that regulate pH contribute to aggressive lung cancer metastasis.

The reviewers found the results are timely findings of particular interest to the readership of Cellular Oncology, in light of the recent renewed interest in the role of the tumor cell extracellular environment in driving metastasis. The results have far-reaching potential for better understanding the mechanisms underlying the regulation of cancer progression by local acidic pH environment and this ‘activation’ system, therefore, is likely to be important in the promotion of invasion and represents a possible important future therapeutic target to block metastasis.