The Men’s Rugby Team is beginning a 90-day campaign known as the “MSUM
Cares: Project,” which will attempt to raise $5,000 to drill a clean water well 
that will provide clean water to a Third World community.

Men’s Club Rugby is joining up with “Charity: Water” to raise the funds
necessary to make this possible. Men’s Rugby chose the organization because of
its desire to meet basic human needs of people all over the world. 4500
children die every day because of a lack of a reliable clean water source. 
Men’s Rugby believes clean water should be made available to everyone despite
social, economical or geographical inequalities. To learn more about Charity:
Water go to their website.

To help the cause, participates can donate by using their credit or debt card at the MSUM Cares website.

The MSUM Men’s Rugby Team’s mission is to provide an equal opportunity for all individuals to participate in the amateur sport of rugby in our regional area as well as to promote community involvement in Fargo/Moorhead, however far that may extend. Men’s Rugby at MSUM has a brotherhood that extends back to 2002 at MSUM. For more information on Men’s Club Rugby at MSUM or the MSUM Care: Project please on contact Billy McDonald via email at